Middle College Documentary

The Middle College for students in Years 7–10 is where most of our students start their College education at Saint Kentigern.

Following the Saint Kentigern values, the Middle College programmes are designed to support students to learn how to learn and to best prepare them for their academic life in the Senior College. These include tailored academic, pastoral care, leadership and service programmes. Excellence is a key focus in the Middle College and there are opportunities to participate in an unrivalled choice of out of classroom activities. 

In recognition that boys and girls learn differently in their early teens and often achieve better outcomes in single-gender classrooms, Saint Kentigern College operates a very successful ‘parallel education model’. 

In the Middle School (Years 7-10), our boys and girls are taught separately for all core curriculum subjects.


This model allows these younger students to learn in an environment best suited to their different development needs during their crucial, early teenage years.

Our students in Year 7 are taught in a homeroom environment with a dedicated classroom teacher. The students also benefit from the expertise of specialist teachers for other key elements of the curriculum such as Arts and Technology.

All Middle College students follow a core curriculum founded on the New Zealand Curriculum and enhanced by the Christian Education programme that is an integral part of life at Saint Kentigern College. 

For all students, there is a focus on individualised, student-centred learning enhanced with innovative use of digital technologies in the classroom. Saint Kentigern is a wireless campus and all students are required to purchase a personal laptop within specifications.

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There are Year-level extension programmes for identified Gifted and Talented students and where appropriate, the College provides additional learning support programmes for a small number of students.