11 February 2019


During 2018, the Trust Board was pleased to confirm the Masterplan for significant development of new, purpose-built facilities, and enhancement of current facilities, on the Shore Road Campus and Pakuranga Campus. 

This is the first in a series of regular Project Updates to keep you informed of progress as the projects get underway.

Shore Road Campus 

The Masterplan for the Shore Road Campus provides for substantial investment in new and specialist facilities to enhance teaching and learning. The initial phase is focussed on advancing the construction of a brand-new Girls’ School at the lower end of the campus (gate 5); building a new shared, specialist facility; and a new building for Senior School boys’ classrooms. This will be followed by an extension to the Boys’ Junior School building, the refurbishment of the current Senior School boys’ classrooms for the Middle School boys and the construction of a new purpose-built Preschool. 

Following a careful selection process, the ‘client briefs’ for Phase 1 of the project were provided to leading Auckland architectural firm, Architectus, in late September 2018. The briefs were developed through a collaborative process, involving students, key Girls’ School, Boys’ School and Trust Services’ staff, and Parent Evenings for both Schools. 

The briefing documents, along with the approved Concept Master Plan, were the basis for the initial concept design work led by Architectus. The conceptual designs were reviewed and approved by the Trust Board in December and the next stage of design work, ‘Preliminary Design,’ has commenced. 

The new facilities are being designed to meet the educational needs of both current and future students of both the Boys’ School and the Girls’ School. Each new building has a distinct focus: 

  • The new Senior School boys’ classrooms will cater for greater specialisation and the important transition between primary and secondary to prepare the boys for the next phase of their learning journey
  • The design of the Specialist classrooms’ facilities, which will be available to both Schools on a time-tabled basis, will foster creativity and innovation, and will provide outstanding facilities for both performing and visual arts, science and technology learning.
  • The new Girls’ School building takes its cue from both local and international innovative learning spaces but will maintain the intimacy (connectedness) that our community values so highly at the Remuera Road Campus.

The site plan provides a reminder of the location of the new buildings, along with the proposed new Preschool. Preliminary Design is anticipated to be completed by March 2019 and will be followed by the Developed Design phase of the project. Once Preliminary Design is completed, we will be in a better position to share drawings of what these fantastic new facilities are likely to look like. 

We are aiming for completion of the Girls’ School, Senior Boys’ classrooms and shared specialist classrooms by the start of Term 1, 2022. Some ‘enabling projects’ scheduled for later this year on the Shore Road Campus, which will be done in the holidays to minimise the impact, include widening of the Gate 1 driveway and the addition of six temporary, relocatable classrooms to facilitate planned work. 

Over the coming months, Principals of both Primary Schools will ask for input from their communities on a range of aspects of the new facilities, such as the playground and various other features.

The New Preschool 

The new Preschool to be built at Shore Road is the other component of Phase 1.  Work on this building will commence as the construction of the new Girls’ School, Specialist facilities and Senior School boys’ classrooms reaches completion. This staged plan is aimed to carefully manage the impact of construction activity on the Boys’ School. Accordingly, design work on the new Preschool will commence in 2020 with the target of relocating the existing Preschool for the start of Term 1 2023. 

Sale of the Remuera Road Property 

The Trust Board is also pleased to announce that, following a competitive Request for Proposal late last year, Colliers International has been appointed to market the Remuera Road property (the current site of the Girls’ School and Preschool) for sale. The marketing campaign is scheduled to commence mid-February, with expressions of interest requested from interested parties by late March. This will enable the Trust Board to realise income from this property to help fund the delivery of the new Girls’ School and Specialist buildings at Shore Road. 

The education of our students on the Remuera campus is always the highest priority and the Trust Board will ensure that there will be no disruption to the school day during the sales process. Viewing times will be set outside school hours and there will be no ‘for sale’ billboards erected on the School’s boundaries. The Girls’ School students will remain at the Remuera Campus until they move to the new buildings on the Shore Road campus in 2022. The Preschoolers will remain on the Remuera Road site until the end of 2022.

Pakuranga Campus 

During 2019 and 2020, the Masterplan for the Pakuranga Road Campus will be progressed and more information about that will be available soon. 

If you would like more information about the Phase 1 Project, please send an email to

10 May 2018

A new plan for a strong future built on traditional values

The Saint Kentigern Trust Board is pleased to announce its decision on the master plan for our two Primary schools and the Preschool.

The Board would like to acknowledge the breadth and quality of feedback we have had from our community. We are also grateful for the commitment and input provided by four Reference Groups established across our schools. 

As a result of this input and continuing work by our planning team we are confident that our decision represents a superior outcome for current and future generations of students, while remaining true to Saint Kentigern values.

Key features of the master plan are:

  • A new purpose-built 19-classroom Girls’ School, with a new learning commons, library and recreational areas at a new location above and to the left of the Gate 5 entrance on Shore Road where it will have its own “front door” and distinct presence
  • New purpose-built facilities at the Boys’ School including the construction of 10 new classrooms, new recreational spaces and refurbishment of the current Senior School classrooms for Years 4 – 6 Middle School students
  • A new specialist Arts, Science and Technology block that will be available to both Primary schools on a separate timetabled basis
  • A purpose-built new Preschool located where the existing tennis courts are at the Shore Road campus, with new tennis courts to be created to the west of Roselle House and Lawn.

Planning will now begin on Phase 1 building developments and all aspects of related management; construction is currently anticipated to take place through 2020-2021 with all new facilities completed and ready for occupation in 2022.

For more information on the proposed master plan, please see:

Primary Schools and Preschool Master Plan Backgrounder