I am passionate about preschool education and
I believe that Saint Kentigern provides ‘a world of opportunity’ for your preschool boy or girl.


                                                                                                  Director - Sue Nash

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Underpinned by our Christian values, we provide an experience that inspires children to develop confidence and humility in positive interactions with their peers. Our philosophical approach is recognised as international best practice and your treasured one will have an excellent start to their education.

We offer a wide range of educational activities that are hugely enjoyable and are aimed at engaging every child’s interest and involving them in learning, in preparation for a confident and successful start at school. Each child has an extensive, individually documented portfolio recording their preschool journey.

We value each child as an individual and provide them with the opportunity to extend and enhance their learning. Our focus is on their overall social and emotional development as well as building essential learning skills. Our emphasis on pre-numeracy and pre-literacy skills complements our Transition to School programme.

Our Preschool has equally beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces. The activity rooms are open plan, light, warm and airy. Quiet spaces are calm and there are tranquil spaces where the children can rest and relax in between learning and playing. Out in the fresh air, the environment changes daily allowing the children to actively discover and explore.

My team is highly qualified, passionate, dedicated, experienced and committed to really getting to know each child and their family. Our door is always open for you as we value the vital role that family plays. With this essential partnership, we work together ensuring that the early childhood educational experience is just right for you and your child.


I’d like to invite you to come and visit our Preschool and spend some time getting to know more about us and the Saint Kentigern Preschool experience.

Fides Servanda Est.