Our College Senior Managers, Heads of Department and Heads of House are talented teachers and managers who are highly qualified and passionate in their areas of expertise. 

They are committed to creating an environment that encourages, motivates and challenges our students and their team of staff to realise their greatest potential. 

Our continuing professional development programme ensures that all our teachers and managers are up to date with the best practices in teaching and learning, and further developing and enhancing their management and leadership skills. 

Senior Management Team


Mr D Hodge

Acting College Principal
Head of Saint Kentigern 
MA(Hons), DipTchng, MEdMgt (Hons)


Mr D McQueen

Director of Campus Life,
MSc(Hons), MEd Admin (Hons), DipTchng


Mrs A Robertson

Deputy Principal 
Curriculum and Learning
BA, DipTchng


Rev D Smith



Mr C Bright

Deputy Principal
Pastoral Care Senior School
BSR, GradDipTchng, PGCertHSc


Mr E Wall

Deputy Principal 
Pastoral Care Middle School
BBS, GradDipTchng


Heads of Department

Miss M Aitken Head of Technology  BSc , GradDipEng
Mrs B Anitelea Head of History MA(Hons), DipTchng
Mrs P Baird Head of Science BEd, HDE, MEd,PGDipEd
Mr P Bennett Head of PE BPE
Mrs J Coughlan Head of Social Studies BA, DipTchng
Miss M Lin Head of  Music BA,BMus(Hons), DipTchng
Mrs S Gwilliam Head of Spatial Design BA, PGDipTchng
Ms N Henderson Head of Media Studies BA, GradDipTchng
Mrs C Leishman Head of Languages BA, DipTchng
M R MacCallum Head of Geography BA, HDE
Mr S Naidu Head of Chemistry BEd, MEdLM
Mr J Naude Head of Physics BSc, HEDBSc, HED
Mr B Peel Head of Commerce BA(Hons), PGCE, PGCertAppPrac
Mr B Potter Head of Biology BSc, DipTchg
Mrs A Rene TIC Classical Studies BA(Hons),GradDipTchng, MA
Mr J Sievers Head of Christian Education BSc, MEd (Couns), PhD, DipTchg, DipGrad, PGDipTheol
Miss S Standring Head of Drama BPerArts, GradDipTchng
Mr R Stratton Head of Visual Arts BVA, GradDipTchng
Mr G Wilcox Head of Dance MCPA, GradDipTchg(S), PGDipCPA
Mrs L Williams Head of Mathematics BA, BEd, Med(Hons)
Miss N Wilson Head of Performing Arts  BA (Hons), PGCE
Ms J Wordsworth Head of English BA, BPE, DipTchg, DipEd (gats)
Mr P Lee IB Coordinator BSc (Hons), PGCE
Ms J McDonald NCEA Coordinator BA, DipTchg
Mr C Lidstone Head of E-Learning BEd, DipTchng
Mr R Tucker Head of Guidance BEd, MEd, DipTchg, MNZAC
Mr M Robinson Service Coordinator DipTchng
Mr P Harries Staff Development Coordinator BA(Hons), PGCertEd
Mrs A Leleni Team Leader Admissions DipTchg
Mr S Johnston Head of Senior School Admissions BA

Pastoral Care

 Mrs S Dawson  Health Centre Nurse  Registered Nurse
Mrs C Watts Head of Enhanced Learning Senior School BA
Mr E Aldiss Head of International Students MPhil
Mrs T Plank Head of Student Academic Development MA(Hons), MEd(Hons)
Mr P Venter Head of Cargill Senior School BA(Hons), HDE(PG)Sec, EdMgt(Hons)
Mr D Sheehan Head of Cargill Middle School BA, BEd
Miss S Rock Head of Chalmers Senior School Bcom(Hons), PGCE
Mr T Arrol Head of Chalmers Middle School BEd
Mr L Oliver Head of Hamilton Senior School BPSA
Mrs A Misiloi Head of Hamilton Middle School BSL, BTeach
Miss J O'Dwyer Head of Stark Senior School BPE
Mr J Cunningham Head of Stark Middle School BPE
Mr K Taylor Head of Wilson Senior School BSc(Hons), PGDE
Mr A Ronberg Head of Wilson Middle School BSc(Hons),PGDE
Mrs N Burridge Head of Wishart Senior School BA, DipTchng, PGDipEdMgt
Mrs M Nee Nee Head of Wishart Middle School BA, GradDipTchng
Mr K Taylor Head of Year 7 BA, DipTchng