The Jack Paine Centre for Art and Technology aims to develop a collaborative culture that encourages and fosters creative thinking.

This facility brings together the various disciplines of the Visual Arts and Technology in an environment that allows students to exhibit, critique and discuss their work.



Students are encouraged to explore and develop practical skills and theory in Art and Technology.

Students are given the opportunity to work alongside specialists in order to develop their own practice and understanding of how their work may impact the community, wider society and the environment.

The combination of a committed and highly focussed teaching staff, coupled with access to outstanding facilities, ensures that we can offer our students the very best in these curriculum areas.


The facility is set up with teaching spaces that cater for Practical Art (includes painting, printmaking, digital art, and both digital and darkroom-based photography); Object Art; Art History; Spatial, Product and Fashion Design; Digital and Food Technology.

These spaces are connected by an internal double height atrium that provides the setting for the display of student work, as well as the hosting of Art and Design Exhibitions and Performing Arts and Music events.



Students who study the senior level courses on offer in this facility are well placed to go on to contribute their vision, abilities and creative energies not only in the Arts but also in industry, as companies seek creative solutions in an ever evolving and competitive world.