The Student Futures department supports and facilitates our students’ preparation for the transition from College to future tertiary study, employment or gap experiences in order for them to progress into successful and fulfilling futures in the world of work and study.

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Student Futures information at Saint Kentigern College is tailored to individual needs - whether that is for applications to New Zealand or overseas universities, or other types of training. 

The vast majority of our students are looking to transition to a university and, therefore, help is available with applications to both New Zealand and overseas universities. Information is also available regarding the myriad of tertiary scholarships that students can apply for. 

Throughout the year, representatives from various universities in New Zealand and overseas visit the College, and the biennial Futures Evening provides another opportunity for students and parents to interact with these representatives and to hear from Old Collegians about differing industries and fields of work. 

Our Students in the Workplace Programme enables our young people to see first-hand what their future in work could look like. Online tools are available to help guide the student’s understanding of what interests them and to promote a greater understanding of their personality, motivations and values.

Attending tertiary open days, taster days and industry events, and speaking to those in a range of jobs, enables students to research and ‘reality test’ different options, so that they can make an informed choice about their future, based on up-to-date information and self-appraisal. 

The importance of contemporary, future-oriented career education cannot be overemphasised and is of equal importance to those continuing on to university, as it is for those who choose to follow an alternative route. The Student Futures department continually introduces new initiatives to increase the scope and relevance of careers education for every student, to ensure that it is an integral part of his or her time at the College.

Careers education at Saint Kentigern College is closely scrutinised and plays a significant role in the progression of every student through the College. Their progress is carefully monitored and guidance is continually available. This ensures that each student has the opportunity to gain a realistic view of the working world before embarking on decisions, including subject selection for NCEA or IB qualifications.


Many of our students who graduate with NCEA and IB Diplomas go on to earn places at some of the best New Zealand and overseas universities. 

Here are some overseas university scholarship recipients;

Ben Elias – NYU – Film School

Matthew Leishout – Spring Hill College, Alabama – Football

Rachel Swindell – Eastern Washington University – Tennis

Mack Dalton – Queen’s University of Charlotte – Tennis

Jacob Swiatek – Northwestern University, Chicago

Jolene Muir – Lipscomb University, Nashville

James Gardner – NYU Abu Dhabi

Ryan Henderson – Eastern Illinois

Lucas Sachs – New York University (NYU)

Nicole Tan – Colorado College, Colorado Springs

Adam Carter - San Joaquin Delta College, California 

Melanie Lindemann - Northeastern University, Boston

Max Lowndes – Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island 

Kelly Drew - University of Louisiana, Lafayette Sport 

Edi Stoica - Wichita State University, Kansas Sports 

Shuo Yang - University of Chicago

William Matheson - Columbia University

Andrew Qi - Carleton College, waitlist, Princeton

Ross McPhie - California State University, Fullerton, Football 

Joanna Kim - Fresno State, Golf 

Alex Clark - Bethany College, USA, Football 

Aditya Arolkar - University of California, Berkeley

Cordelia Oh - University of California

Arun Prakash - University of California

Sarah Li – Colby College, Maine

Leba Korovau – Missouri Western State 

Trent Smith – Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Matthew Swiatek – Bowdoin University, Maine

Ayden Lamont – Princeton

Lulu Tuilotolava – Ohio University, 

J'aime Bellingham – Des Moines Area Community College – Half Fees 

Reid Burrows – Flager College, Florida 

Hanna English – Saint Mary’s College Of California – Athletics 

Bella Richards – Hofstra University, Long Island – 

Sarah Zhang – Cornell University

Edward Barry - University of Pennsylvania (rowing)

Henry Mellsop - Stanford University (academic)

Jonathan Lee - University of Pennsylvania

Luke Johnson – UNC Charlotte 

Connor Williamson – Winthrop University (tennis) 

Dylan Morris – Georgia State University 

Sophie Stewart-Hobbs – University of Kentucky 

Liam Williams – University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 

Victoria Zhu, NYU Abu Dhabi 

Lanlie Zheng, King’s College London