Boys' School and Girls' School House Relays

March 18, 2013 at 10:21 AM

Boys ‘School and Girls’ School House Relays

A blaze of sunshine and a sea of colour was a fantastic way to end this year’s Girls’ and Boys’ School swimming sports. The final event, the House Relays, brings both schools together at the Boys’ School  pool for an afternoon of competitive swimming ….dancing and cheering!  House chants were ringing  clear across Auckland!

Each year group fielded two teams of four for the relays whilst the rest of the girls and boys looked on and cheered on the swimmers representing their house. There was no time for energy to drop or spirits to flag as the houses were set dance challenges. From the YMCA to Disco and Gangnam Style, the music and moves were all there – and the parents weren’t shy about joining in either!

This was another fantastic Saint Kentigern school family event.

Boy’s School House Relay Champions

1st Chalmers 
2nd Cargill          
3rd Wishart        
4th Hamilton      

Girls’ School House Relay Champions

1st Wishart
2nd = Cargill and Hamilton        
4th Chalmers

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