Boys' School Hosts The Halberg Foundation Parasport Day

November 26, 2014 at 2:16 PM

The Halberg Disability Sport Foundation Vision: ‘Sport and Recreation for all New Zealanders - No Exceptions

Sir Murray Halberg (ONZ)

It is now five years since we first offered the use of our sporting facilities to the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation for their School Parasport day. Five years on and it has found a firm place in our annual calendar; a day when our boys in Year 8 offer their service and support to this community venture.

This year, 80 of our boys hosted 90 children and their caregivers from 12 schools across Auckland for a day that gave young people with disabilities an opportunity to enjoy a range of sporting activities tailored to their abilities.

Charlotte Cleverley-Bisman, the remarkable young girl who was NZ’s first quadruple amputee after the devastation of meningitis, was in attendance and was an inspiration to all, zipping around on her skateboard!

As well as enhancing the lives of physically disabled children through sport, the aim for the day was to include our Year 8 boys in an element of community service. The boys attended training earlier in the week and then diligently played their part in assisting their visitors when and where needed, alongside the families and staff from their support networks.

Staff from the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation, were also on hand to give guidance. We were proud to witness the boys encouraging their guests, helping them perfect their sporting techniques, congratulating their efforts and sharing in their triumphs.

Our thanks to the team of volunteers from the Parents and Friends who assisted with a rolling morning tea and barbecue for the visiting staff and parents.

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