Boys’ School Prefect Team 2017

January 31, 2017 at 4:04 PM

On the very first day of the new school year, the 2017 Boys’ School prefects were commissioned at a special service attended by their parents and invited guests. For the parents of the newly elected Head Boy, George Beca, and Deputy Head Boy, Archie Nightingale, this was a particularly proud day. These fine, young men both have the capability to lead the School with distinction. 

Principal, Mr Peter Cassie welcomed Head of College, Steve Cole, who introduced this year’s College Head Boy, Matthew Stirling. Matthew spoke to the boys with great confidence using Nelson Mandela as an example of good leadership. Matthew told the boys that, ‘Leadership isn't about being the best at things. I have always understood leadership to be simply living with passion and an open heart, encouraging others to do so too by providing them with an example to follow.’ 

Mr Cassie came forward to challenge both George and Archie with the Prefect Pledge: ‘Gentlemen, do you promise to uphold the values and standards of Saint Kentigern School and to serve its students, teachers and parents to the best of your ability and for the glory of God?’ The boys signed the Prefect Ledger, first started in 1995, then introduced the rest of their prefect team to the School, as they in turn accepted the duties of leadership. 

In closing Mr Cassie told the boys to set a challenge. He quoted the words that are inscribed on the tomb of a Bishop (1100AD) in Westminster Abbey, London. 

He said after the Bishop unsuccessfully changed the world, his own country and his family, he realised ‘It all starts with me!’ Mr Cassie quoted, ‘If I had only changed myself first, then by example I would have changed my family. From their inspiration and encouragement, I would have been able to better my country and, who knows, maybe even changed the world.’ 

Mr Cassie said, ‘My challenge to you boys today is to look within and lead by example.’ 


Head boy.jpg
George started the Boys’ School as a Year 0 student in Term 4 2009. At the end of Year 3, George received the class prize for General Excellence, the Year 3 Sprint Award and the Junior Citizenship Cup. At the completion of his Middle Schooling, George continued to excel in all areas of school life. He received the Class Prize for Excellence, the Junior Speech Award, he was winner of the Remuera Zone Speech Competition and was awarded the Old Collegians’ Jubilee Scholarship. He was a member of the Performers’ Choir, Colts Cricket and Football as well as the Year 6 Athletics Champion. George’s academic results and commitment to school life show a young man who is self-motivated to learn and willing to put in the extra effort required to gain the best results, as well as making the most of the many opportunities available. At the end of Year 7, he received a Year 7 Diligence Award. During the course of last year, he gained Distinction in ICAS Mathematics. He is a member of the Performers’ Choir and represented the School in Football, Cricket Cross Country and Athletics. George is a young man with many talents. We look forward to his leadership of the School during 2017.

Deputy Head Boy.jpg
Archie started at the Boys’ School as a new boy in Year 7 last year. It was evident early in his school journey that he embraced the Saint Kentigern Way and made the most of every opportunity presented to him. He involved himself in a wide range of activities throughout the year which included the following: A Miromiro Monitor, attainment of a Bronze Service Award, a member of the cast of ‘The Lion King’ and a member of the Year 7 Mathex Team. Archie is also a keen sportsman who played Cricket and Football for the School and represented us in the Cross Country Zone teams. Archie is well respected by his peers and is ready to take on this leadership challenge.

Head Boy                           George Beca
Deputy Head Boy            Archie Nightingale
Chapel                                Isaac Wong
Academic                           Campbell Joyce
Cultural                              Zavier Edmonds
Junior                                  Jackson Horton
Council                               William Tisdall
Sport                                   Louis Eglinton
Cargill                                 Benjamin Heron
                                            Fynn Rowntree
Chalmers                            Oscar Cottrell
                                             Jack Priddy
                                             Harrison Waymouth
Hamilton                            Ethan Agaimalo
                                            Thomas Hiddleston
Wishart                               Oliver Avis
                                             Tetauru Cuthers

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