College Academic Colours and Honours awarded

February 07, 2014 at 12:51 PM

At a special assembly this morning, Academic Colours and Honours were awarded to our highest achieving Senior School students whilst earlier in the week, our top Middle School students received their Academic Endeavour Awards.

Academic Colours and Honours celebrate the achievement of this year’s Year 12 and 13 students in the external examinations at the end the 2013 academic year. Students have set criteria for gaining Saint Kentigern Colours and Honours.  For example Year 12 NCEA students gain Colours for gaining a GPA of 90+ and Honours for gaining 85+.

Our very best students gain Colours for display on their blazers, whilst our Honours students receive a commendation.  Congratulations to these students for striving to achieve at such a level.


Year 13 NCEA Colours
Sian Seeley, Ashley Chan, Lucy Verry, Aimee McMaster, Sarah McQueen, Rebecca Peace, Medhi Shah (absent from photo), Andrew Jackson, Hannah Wood, Katherine Ford, Jasmine Louie, Jessica Yan, Anna Murphy, Lucy Macdonald, Courtney Rowse, Max Christie, Leah Allison, Vinayak Garg, Georgia Foster, Ashleigh Clark and Dylan Waddell (absent from photo)

Year 13 NCEA Honours
Ishara Dhambagolla, April Fini, Daniel Greer, Andre Mason, Hannah Ashby, Lucy Eden, Christie Stringer, Sophie Dodd, Libby Osborne, Lester Chin, Phoebe Riddell, Caleb Hill, Mimi Seagar, Tomo Suzuki, Daniel Hsieh, Katherine Pearson, Ridgely Paxton, Lucy Houghton and Lloyd David

Year 12 NCEA Colours
William Xu, Grace Wood, Byron Lam, Georgina Alcock, Lucy Conyngham, Harry Rillstone, Caitlin Houghton, Marieke Kruiswijk, Hanna Thompson, Daniel Ng, Zachary Searle (absent from photo), Rachel Worthington, Meheer Zaveri, Jessica Allen, Nick Stanfield, Nathan Walker, Keshini Ketheeswaran, Ivan So, Nick Taylor, Jeffrey Chan, Devika Dhir, Andrew Wei, Daniel Clark, Nick Myers, Becky Lane and Matthew Swiatek

Year 12 NCEA Honours
Josh Holroyd, Anthony Grant, Theresa Yeung, Oscar Sims, Deborah Cheng, Aditya Edekar, Sarah Zhang, Keegan Chessum, Aaron Duncan, Miracle Faamalosi, Harry Rainger, Christopher McMillan, Ming Hong Huang , Carlos Webster, Martin Dow, Scott Murray, William Ning, Kevin Yi, Claudia Luke, Caitlin Dodd, Thomas Arrell and Cameron Dyer 


Year 13 IB Colours
Andrew Qi, Shuo Yang, Callum Andrews, Aditya Arolkar and Rachel Smith

Year 13 IB Honours
Cordelia Oh, James Yang, Jessebel Chan and Eden Hawkins


An Endeavour Award is achieved by getting Excellent grades in all subjects for both homework and effort. It rewards Middle School students who are giving their absolute best across all subjects.  As a result of their outstanding performance in their 2013 Semester 2 report, the following students receive their awards at Middle School assembly.

Year 8 (Year 7 in 2013)
Emma Abel, Kate Armstrong, Trinity Chung, Melissa Clegg, Stella Cressey, Tess Elliott, Jessica Fuller, Claire Hollingworth, Alex Hynds, Emma King, Margaret Li, Sarah Liu, Isobel Merrie, Alice Smith, Charlotte Stevenson, Annabelle Waterworth, Sam Watson, Lucy Wienk, Felicity Williams

Year 9 (Year 8 in 2013)
Ben Creemers, Olivia Don, Lizzie Ellis, Samantha Fei, Molly Griffiths, Daniela Koningham, Emily Swiatek, Hannah Williams

Year 10 (Year 9 in 2013)
Amelia Ayres, Victoria Hockley, Olivia Hofer, Jessie Liu, Josh Looker, Tate McGregor, Kendall Mead, Erin Meek, Andrew Meng, Lauren Pickett, Ashley Potter, Yasmin Shakes, Sophie Stone, David Thibaud, Victoria Tse

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