College Hosts Enliven High Tea

September 13, 2013 at 9:54 AM

DSC_3302.JPGCucumber sandwiches, cupcakes, scones and sausage rolls were some of the tasty treats on offer for the students and their Enliven ‘clients’ at this year’s High Tea, hosted by the College at the Sports Centre.

The Intergenerational Project Enliven is run by Presbyterian Support Northern (PSN), which links students from Presbyterian Schools with elderly ‘clients’ in need of a little extra company. As part of our service programme, a number of our senior students spend time each week with an elderly ‘client’ to give support and encouragement. Students from St Cuthbert’s College are also involved in the programme and joined our students in hosting their elderly guests for High Tea. Both colleges have been involved in the programme for the last four years.

The students visit their ‘clients’ in pairs each week during their own time, and engage in conversation, board games, sharing music, baking together and assist the older generation to come to terms with new technology - how to use cell phones, computers and programmes such as Skype to connect with their relatives. 

At present, 17 of our students visit 10 Enliven clients who say they look very much forward to the students’ visits each week. In return, our students also gain enormously from the connection. They are often amazed at the wealth of knowledge and life experiences that they are so willing to share.

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