College Middle School Music Evening 2015

June 24, 2015 at 11:29 AM

Twice during the course of each year, College Middle School students, who are learning an instrument, have the opportunity to perform at a relaxed and friendly recital evening. The first of these evenings was held last night in the Music Centre, with a large turnout of family and friends in support of these students in Years 7-10.

The music programme at the College continues to gain strength and this year alone, over 400 students are learning an instrument or receiving voice tuition through the itinerant programme, with 32 specialist itinerant music teachers providing the tuition. Head of Middle School Music, Mr Oliver Gilmour explained that the instrumental evenings are a great opportunity for the students to perform in front of a live audience. These may be students who are learning a musical instrument for the first time or those who may already be proficient, but it is not often that instrumentalists have the opportunity to perform solo as most will work within an ensemble or orchestra. The concert is also an ideal learning platform for those students who are considering studying music as an academic subject in their senior years. This is good preparation for those who will go on to be assessed as a performer.

The evening’s acts opened with the Middle School Pipe Band followed by the Saint Kentigern Sinfonia before solo artists steeled their nerves to perform on the piano, violin, guitar, saxophone, flute and piano accordion. The evening concluded with a rock band ‘With the Crowd’ – a group of boys who clearly enjoy what they do! A special mention to Venice Qin who not only played guitar but sang, ‘This is the one;’ an original song she had penned herself. The quality of these performances in some instances was outstanding and bodes well for the future of our large music ensembles.

From Shubert and Mozart to Michael Jackson and Mancini, there was something for everyone to enjoy! Proud parents looked on – and held their breath as their own child stepped up to play!

Well done to all students for a great evening of musical entertainment.

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