College Musicians Benefit from Top Conductors

May 20, 2019 at 12:53 PM

The premier ensembles at the College have been fortunate to receive direction and feedback from esteemed musicians visiting the country over the last week. 

Professor Rob McWilliams, Yamaha Clinician and composer/arranger, who travels around the world adjudicating music festivals and lecturing music education, worked with our Concert Band and Wind Band at the end of last week. Prof. McWilliams’ enthusiasm and expertise on ensemble and repertoire was evident. All the students involved in his workshops were inspired and energised to lift their performance, contributing to an improved overall ensemble sound. This will benefit the groups immensely as they work towards the upcoming National Concert Band Festival (WeBO) and KBB Music Festival. Prof. McWilliams will return in August to judge the WeBO Festival in Wellington. 

Following on, Elise Bradley, MNZM for Service to Music, former director of the NZ Secondary Schools Choir, current Artistic Director of Toronto Children’s’ Chorus and internationally renowned clinician, worked with our premier choir, Kentoris over the weekend.  The precision, focus and perseverance to get the best sound possible, while shaping the melodic material to engage with singers and audience alike, has resonated with both our students and their conductors. 

We are very grateful for the experience that Prof. McWilliams and Ms Bradley shared with our student musicians, that not only left them inspired but also helped shape the ensemble sound for the better, with plenty of ideas and tips to work on for our conductors. 

All the best to our music ensembles as they work towards a very busy Term 2 and Term 3 with workshops, concerts and competitions!

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