College Orchestral Musicians 'Bring It Together'

May 27, 2015 at 3:35 PM

For several years our College orchestral musicians have been involved in the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra Education Programme known as APOPS. In 2015, APOPS held its first ‘Bring It Together’ session. 

Over 300 students from schools across Auckland were invited to take part in a huge combined orchestra which rehearsed a number of large works including Ode to Joy (Beethoven); Slav March (Tchaikovsky); Happy Happy Joy Joy (Chris Reccardi); and Tidal Fragments (Ryan Youens) which were all arranged for the workshop by Ryan Youens.

Fifteen of our students attended the event which they said was a truly exciting musical experience. They wished they had been able to give a concert so others could hear too but a performance was out of the question – this huge orchestra filled the entire theatre!

Out thanks to Mr Timothy Carpenter, Musical Director of the Saint Kentigern Symphony who facilitated the project for our students.

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