College raises $83,127.00 for World Vision

August 29, 2014 at 10:27 AM

This year was a special 40 Hour Famine fundraiser for World Vision and the College as part of our continued partnership with the humanitarian organisation. World Vision celebrated their 40th anniversary and the College fundraised the largest amount they have ever donated, a total of $83,127.00!

The College had over 50 students and two staff members individually fundraise more than $500.00 each. These students’ were honoured into the ‘$500.00 Club’ at the final full assembly of Term 2, along with the top fundraising class and Service Council being recognised for their outstanding efforts. A cheque was then presented for $83,127.27 to two World Vision representatives.

The targeted area this year for the fundraising was Malawi, Africa. Funds raised are being used for the College’s community to community project in Chagodi that supports both the primary and secondary schools. It is also providing assistance towards water bores, agricultural support, livestock; chickens, goats and cows for farmers and assisting with education.  

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