College Student Leaders 2014

January 31, 2014 at 10:50 AM

Photoshopped prefects.jpgAt ‘full school assembly’ today, we commissioned our new student leadership team for 2014. This year we congratulate Sam Dakin and Hannah Wood who have been appointed as Head Prefects for 2014. Sam and Hannah have been fully involved with life at the College in their time here, carefully balancing their academic studies with their many co-curricular pursuits. They are conscientious, well organised students who have the right attributes of confidence, pride in the College, leadership skills and commitment to duty.

Sam gained Merit endorsements at both Level 1 and 2 NCEA and is a talented sportsman, focussing on cycling. He has been a member of the Sports Excellence Programme for the past two years. At this first full school assembly, Sam, with his trademark smile, gave the ‘Last Word’ encouraging the students to look for the good in situations. Hard times may be tough but life’s lessons can make you come back stronger than before.

Hannah is a boarder who gained Excellence Endorsements in both Level 1 and 2 NCEA, has been awarded Academic Colours and received prizes for Biology and Media Studies at prize giving. She is also a keen sportswoman having played 1st XI Football, touch and volleyball teams, and ridden for the College Equestrian team.

Sam and Hannah will be ably assisted by Lloyd David and Lucy Eden in their roles as Deputy Head Prefects. Lloyd is also a boarder and a diligent academic student who received Academic Honours as well as being awarded the Physical Education and Drama Cups at prize giving. He is a noted actor, dancer and vocalist. He is also a keen sportsman playing volleyball and 1st XV rugby. Lucy gained Excellence Endorsements in both Level 1 and 2 NCEA. She has received Academic Colours and the Economics prize. She is working towards her Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award and has also represented the College in basketball, tennis and cricket.

The selection process for leadership roles at the College is lengthy and rigorous to ensure the best team of students with complimentary talents is selected to represent the student body. These students are often ‘all-rounders’ who have taken every advantage of our ‘world of opportunity.’These four students have already proven themselves to be good leaders with complimentary talents and abilities. They have a strong moral centre and display integrity in all areas of their leadership.

We congratulate the following students who have been appointed as prefects for 2014.

Tate Steel and Courtney Rowse – Cargill House Leaders
Lloyd David (Deputy Head Boy), Liam Stewart (Chapel), Sophie Dodd, Andrew Jackson

Jack Muirhead and Nikita Lieshout – Chalmers House Leaders
Lucy Eden (Deputy Head Girl), Laura Charlton, Eden Hawkins (Arts), Sesimani Tupou, Emma Watson (Service)

Ridgley Paxton and Ashleigh Clark –  Hamilton House Leaders
Jamie Hofer (Arts), Mathew McCullough (Sports), Andrew Qi, Sian Seeley, Hannah Wood (Head Girl), Ridgley Paxton (Head Boy Bruce House)

Aidan Phizackerley and Lucy Macdonald – Wishart House Leaders
Sam Dakin (Head Boy), April Fini, Caleb Hill, Hamish MacDonald, Sarah McQueen

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