College students selected as UNICEF Youth Ambassadors

February 03, 2014 at 3:55 PM

Senior College student, Cordelia Oh, along with former student, Alexi Carlier are both delighted to have been selected as UNICEF NZ Youth Ambassadors for 2014. Cordelia is currently a Year 13 student, and Alexi graduated from the College last year.

Their roles as Youth Ambassadors will see them connect with a youth audience, promote child rights and the work that UNICEF does to save and improve the lives of the world’s children. Cordelia and Alexi will be expected to highlight issues that affect young people around the world by speaking, writing, holding events as well as other activities that reach out into New Zealand schools and communities. They will also be encouraging young people to participate in debates and take action on global issues that affect children and young people.

Cordelia travelled to Nepal in 2013 as part of her Gold Duke of Edinburgh training. UNICEF has a presence in Nepal and this inspired her to apply for the role.  She has also actively participated in youth service activities, such as providing free music lessons to young children who cannot afford them. Upon applying, she said she thought the role would be a great opportunity to learn and experience more.

She had to submit two recommendation letters from members of the community and an 800 word essay describing herself, why UNICEF was significant to her and how she would contribute to the organisation. Seven teenagers from various parts of the country were then shortlisted and Skype interviewed. From there, four of the seven members were chosen as the 2014 Ambassadors.

Cordelia says she is very thankful to have been chosen and says she would like to use the opportunity to maintain and form more friendships with those children and share the skills and opportunities that she is privileged to have.

‘As youth ambassadors, we are hoping to make our society a more balanced environment, an environment in which every boy and girl has a chance to experience and change for the better,’ she says.

Cordelia and Alexi will travel to Wellington for a training camp in February where they will be working with the youth ambassadors from last year. They will be discussing what roles they would like and what they can do in their own schools and communities. Cordelia says they may also have opportunities to appear in the media later in the year.  

‘I’m really looking forward to the things we can do together, and all the changes that we will make to our community,’ she adds.

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