College Team Wins Mathex Again!

August 21, 2014 at 9:45 AM

With 100 teams of the best Year 9 and 10 mathematical brains from schools around Auckland lined up at the ASB stadium last night for the annual Casio Auckland Mathematical Association Mathex Challenge, the competition was stiff but we are excited to report that the College Year 9A team comprising Andrew Chen, Daniel Mar, Callum Lee, Ben Staite, coached by James Yang were declared the winners! Not only did they win, but they were the only team to complete all questions scoring 100% and led for the whole competition! This is the fifth time in the last eleven years that the College has won this cup, recording top three places on other occasions.

Mathex is an exciting night for the students where teams of four are posed 20 tricky mathematical questions in an attempt to gain a full score of 100 points.  There is a twist in the competition! This is not is not a traditional sit down and write a test. Nor is it an online ‘choose the correct answer.’ Mathex not only requires quick team thinking and accurate calculations, it needs a team member who can run – fast!

The runner from the team must first complete a sprint loop around the stadium to collect the question, return to the team table for the team to answer it and then run back to the marker with the team’s answer.  Phew! The next question isn’t handed out until a correct answer is achieved. If the answer was wrong, the runner has to go back to the team! So the teams are not only pitting their mental skills but also trying to beat the clock.

Saint Kentigern College sent four teams in total from Years 9 and 10.  All of the teams came in the top 25% of their competition but it was the Year 9 who had the answers and the speed to do well on the night. Well done!

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