College Welcomes Students from New Caledonia

June 05, 2014 at 10:52 AM

As part of a biannual reciprocal exchange with Junior High School Georges Baudoux in Noumea, the College welcomed 22 Year 10 students from New Caledonia this week, along with their teachers, Mme Sarramegna and Mme Rousseaux. The visitors are in New Zealand for a week-long stay and are billeted with College families to experience a Kiwi homestay and practise their spoken English skills. For two of those days they visit the campus joining their billet’s College day.

French visitors NC (2).jpgToday the visiting students took a tour of the College with our Year 11 students before getting some unique insight into one of Saint Kentigern’s proudest traditions – the College Pipes and Drums! This was an entertaining ‘cultural exchange’ as the visitors first listened and then had a chance to interact with a piper, a side and base drummer. There was no trouble beating out a rhythm on the drums but when it came to the bagpipes – well that was a different story! Andre Mason kept the bag filled with air whilst volunteers stepped up to the chanter to elicit a ‘tune’ – their faces said it all as the room filled with ear-piercing squeaks along with giggles from classmates!

The visiting students will reciprocate the exchange next week by offering our dance students a Tahitian dance demonstration!

During the Term 3 holidays, a group of 20 Saint Kentigern students from Years 9-11, along with three staff, will make the journey to Noumea to visit Georges Baudoux School, experience staying with French speaking families and to learn a little more about our closest French neighbours.

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