Cupcake Day for the SPCA

August 26, 2013 at 2:25 PM

For a number of years, English teacher, Mrs Xanthe Noble has supervised students as they have baked en masse to sell cupcakes in support of the SPCA Cupcake Day. This year the charity baton was picked up by her Year 10 tutor group and a nine hour baking marathon began on Sunday morning in the College kitchens.  The Tutor group mixed, baked and decorated over 500 cupcakes – well 559 to be precise -  to raise funds for the SPCA, creating gallons of cake mixture and multi-coloured icing. They used more than 15kgs of icing sugar, 120 eggs, 10kgs of flour and 15kgs of sugar and chocolate – along with mountains of hundreds and thousands, sprinkles, jaffas, silver balls and chocolate fish used for the final decoration! Two Old Collegians returned to help with this mammoth task - Sophia Noble and Ellie Macareth, the original instigators of the mammoth bake-off, and we thank them for their help. Many thanks to the parents and girls, and to the Chocolate Cake Company for their donation!

Sales were brisk in Elliot Quad as word got around that the cakes were on sale – including a ‘limited edition’ of a mammoth sized cup cake. In a short 20 minutes $1,118 was raised for the cause. Well done! 

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