First buses leave for Field Centre!

November 24, 2014 at 1:01 PM

The old adage, ‘It’s not what life throws at you but how you deal with it that makes you who you are,’ may be put to the test to this week if the weather reports for the next few days prove correct! The first wave of Year 10 students and staff left this morning for our annual Field Centre in the Tongariro National Park and the weather report is for ‘wild, cyclonic westerlies’ – it could be wet!

This is the 45th year that the College has run Field Centre with this year’s group being the biggest to date. 320 students and 65 staff will be split across 13 separate lodges (one more lodge than last year) for a week of activities that challenge our Year 10 students to gain independence and explore personal strengths in an exciting, spectacular and challenging outdoor environment.

The conditions at Tongariro are constantly changing and no two trips are ever the same. The weather can be beautiful one moment, exposing the terrain in all its glory only to close down in a short space of time as the weather changes. Over the years we have had to deal with high winds, rain and snow that can be demoralising at the time but on reflection becomes part of digging deep and building character.

Other years, the sun has shone and the mountain has been at its best. It’s all about planning and being prepared. Regardless of the conditions, and no matter how hard a tramp may seem at the time, our students generally love Field Centre and look back on it fondly as one of the highlights of their time at College.

The logistics for bringing Field Centre together is huge but we have a hugely experienced team that swings into action each year. We wish this year’s cohort of Year 10’s all the best as they face the ultimate challenge in outdoor education!

Saint Kentigern families don’t forget to follow Field Centre on the OLE (Please note you will be required to log in to the OLE).

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