Fundraising for Fiji Service Trip continues at the Boys' and Girls' Schools

June 16, 2015 at 1:22 PM

With the Boys’ and Girls’ Schools service trip to Fiji now only a week away, raising funds has become increasingly creative!

Parking at the Sunday night House Family Services is always at a premium so the Fiji Service Team came up with a novel way of fundraising for the upcoming trip. Parents were given the option of reserving a Premium car park (at $25) or a Gold car park (at $50) within close proximity to the JC Chalmers Hall where the Family Services were held. While the Service was going, the cars were washed under floodlight by the boys and girls. The team received 100% customer satisfaction -  although the fact that it was dark when families returned to their cars might have helped in their favour! Over the two Family Service nights, the team managed to raise $2000. Thank you for your support!

The Fiji Service team of students, staff and parents will leave next week to spend six days working at the Nawaka Primary School and helping to complete a medical dispensary for the village. Nawaka village is located in a flood path and the school and village suffered considerable loss and damage in the most recent flooding. Currently there is a 20 foot container en route to Fiji having spent time parked at Gate 5 at the Boys’ School. Over the course of last week, the container was filled with indoor and outdoor furniture, classroom desks and chairs, sports shirts and formal boys’ school shirts from the College, sports equipment, book shelves, stationery and surplus library books from the Boys’ and Girls’ Schools. It will arrive in Fiji at the same time as our travelling group who will help the village and school unload. The Fiji Service Team is very grateful to all those who contributed goods and to Mondiale Freight for sponsoring the container.

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