Girls' School Speech Competition Finals

August 25, 2014 at 4:15 PM

Wrapping up weeks of research, writing, practising and judging was this morning’s Prepared Speech Competition Finals held at the Girls’ School. The event is an opportunity for students from Year 3 up to refine their public speaking skills at a competitive level and is a continuation of the skills being developed in their Speech and Drama classes at school.

Speech and Drama Teacher, Mrs Judy Norton said there was a high standard of speeches at all levels.

Each level had an assigned general subject from which students were to choose a specific topic of their own.

The adjudicator, Mrs Anna Coleman, was delighted to be involved with the Girls’ School speech finals and was impressed by the high standard of oral language at the School. An experienced adjudicator, Mrs Coleman is passionate about oral language, in how to teach it and how to build children’s confidence around it. She is a Speech New Zealand Oral Assessor and has worked at King’s School for the past eight years.

She said she was impressed by the choice of topics, the way the younger students utilised their visual aids and the conviction with which the intermediate students shared their persuasive speeches. 

‘You chose subjects that you’re obviously passionate about and that showed in your convincing arguments,’ she said. ‘You used good hooks in your introductions, starting you off strong and you kept going.’

Year 5 student, Amélie James Power spoke with enthusiasm about her once in a lifetime experience of being in the Auckland stage show ‘Annie’ in the Year 5 category, ‘Share an Opinion or a Personal Experience.’ Many of the girls went to see Annie and were fascinated to hear her recount about it.

Alicia Lynn, Year 6, convinced the audience that children should have the vote in her category, ‘Dear Prime Minister.’ Her arguments included that the average 13 year-old has more intelligence than a 65 year old!

In the Year 7 and 8 ‘Open Topic’ and persuasive speech category, Ava Beca’s animated performance made the audience laugh with her reasons why children and parents should be treated as equals. Sharon Susanto then convincingly expressed her views on why children should not base their aspirations in life on Walt Disney characters as they are flawed and do not make good choices.

A highlight of the morning was the non-competitive talks shared by the Year 1 and Year 2 students. A selection of Year 1 girls talked about their families, speaking very confidently and with pride as they shared events and aspects of their family’s history and cultural background. A selection of Year 2 girls presented Bible stories using colourful posters to sequence their stories and delighted the audience with their relaxed natural speaking.

The Year 3, 4 and Year 5 finalists presented talks that will also be part of their Oral Assessments later in the term.

Congratuations to the winners from each year group:

Year 3: Charlotte Higgins

Year 4: Zoe Nel

Year 5: Amelie James-Power

Year 6: Alicia Lynn

Year 7: Zara Smith

Year 8: Sharon Susanto – also the Impromptu Speech competition winner

Alicia Lynn and Sharon Susanto will now go on to compete in the APPA Remuera Zone Speech Competition in the next couple of weeks.

Well done to all finalists and a special thank you to Mrs Judy Norton, Speech and Drama Teacher for another successful event showcasing the girls’ speech talents.

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