Girls' School Speech Concert

August 30, 2013 at 4:22 PM

During the course of this week, 35 of our girls who have Private Speech lessons at school undertook their New Zealand Speech and Drama exams. It is the first year that the examinations needed to be held over two days due to the large numbers of students sitting the grade exams from Initial to Grade Four.

As a culmination to the week, and as an opportunity for students to perform their exam pieces to a wider audience, a concert was held in the hall. This was a hugely successful evening demonstrating the depth of talent that we have in our school. Girls from Year 4 and above entertained and delighted a large audience.

The girls presented some thoughtful and some humorous poetry, passages from Roald Dahl, and Andy Griffiths to name a few, and duologues from The Secret Garden, Little Women and The Virtuous Burglar by Dario Fo. A highlight was Abigail Millis’s mime, titled The Costume Disaster, where she gets stuck in a queenly costume which leads to much hilarity. Darcy Woolford presented a characterisation of a very unhappy Rapunzel, sick of long hair and hair climbing princes. All she wants is a pair of scissors to cut it all off. Jessica Marshall presented a humorous passage from Andy Griffiths, the 26th Storey Treehouse, where Terry describes (in a wonderful Scottish accent by Jessica) how the sharks got sick - caused by him washing his underpants in the shark tank! Her passage made everyone to have a giggle!

The confidence and poise with which the girls presented their pieces was impressive. They are all now eagerly awaiting their exam results.

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