Girls Vs. Wild

November 30, 2018 at 1:25 PM

Each year, students at the Boys’ School and Girls’ School who have already attained their silver Saint Kentigern Service Award and are working towards their gold are invited to attend a service camp at the end of the year where they are responsible for planning all aspects of their adventure whilst also offering service to the community. 

Year 8 student, Dany Levy reports on their recent trip:

The Girl vs Wild service camp was a massive highlight for the 23 Year 8’s who attended. On our way up to Tawharanui Regional Park, where we set up camp for the night, we stopped at Warkworth Countdown for supplies. We were given a budget and charged with the task of buying the ingredients for breakfast, lunch and dinner for our group. The group who were able to get closest to the budgeted amount won the first group challenge. 

For all our meals, we were given a cooker and fry pan, and using the food we bought at the supermarket, we attempted to make a ‘restaurant quality’ dinner. Each cooking group produced a ‘tasting dish’ which was judged by one of the teachers.  A range of dinner meals were made including burgers, tacos, vegan tacos and buttered chicken.  The next day, our breakfast were also judged with yummy pancakes and fried hash browns on offer. 

The main reason we were on the trip was to offer service. Throughout the two days, we completed many acts of service including spending 3 hours helping reseal the paths on one of the tracks on the Eco Trail at Tawharanui Regional Park. This involved carrying a mountain of gravel along a 300m path.  It took a chain gang and a lot of hard work, but we managed to get the gravel along the path, which had steps, and many inclines uphill and down!

On our final day, we picked up rubbish around Goat Island. During the beach clean-up, the staff gave all the students ‘gross’ food challenges and fun, inventive challenges that involved us memorising facts about the marine reserve and making a creative photo as a group and a human pyramid.  Afterwards we had a well-deserved swim in the ice-cold sea!

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