Ignite Peace

November 11, 2019 at 4:12 PM

Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…
John Lennon

In a week with winds whipping up from across the Tasman and a band of heavy rain forecast, it was a nervous wait for the team who had been preparing all year for one of the biggest nights of the Boys’ School calendar - the annual salute to Guy Fawkes. With good weather finally assured, the scene was set for another fantastic night of fireworks - and a relieved team from the Parents and Friends could relax knowing that their months of planning could now come to fruition!

The gates opened at 5pm as a capacity crowd of 2000 streamed in, loaded picnic baskets at the ready, for an evening of relaxation and entertainment. With the main focus of the evening skywards, every patch of turf was a perfect picnic spot! As parents set up camp, the children quickly did the rounds to check out the ‘fairground’ activities.

From late afternoon, the stage came to life, as the Boys’ School and College musicians entertained, drawing a mini-mosh pit of proud parents to record the performances on their phones! Meanwhile, the majority of the youngsters flocked to the rides, purchased wrist band at the ready, to take advantage of as many turns as possible while the daylight lasted.

As always, one of the most popular activities was the annual chance to target a teacher with a wet sponge! Amongst the staff willing to test their dignity was ever-game Principal, Mr Peter Cassie and School Chaplain, Reverend Reuben Hardie. If we’re honest, they enjoy it every bit as much as the boys! The gold coins flowed in as hopeful students took aim!

A range of food was on offer, including non-stop barbecue food being cooked up by a willing band of parents – that was a lot of bacon hitting the grill! Thank you, parents!

As darkness set in, the Boys’ School Pipes and Drums played, and Mr Cassie thanked the families for their support.

This year’s theme set out to spread a message of peace and harmony. A giant, inflatable cinema screen dwarfed the field and as night fell, music clips and messages of hope from young Syrian refugees gave cause to reflect. On the Saint Kentigern stage, a young girl called Anungoo Bayarsaikhan, performed an incredible, acrobatic, balancing act.

Continuing the theme, a group of boys selected from across the all Year levels came forward, holding candles to explain what peace meant to them. Each had something pertinent to say but Sam Nicols from Year 4 struck a chord with Reverend Hardie, ‘Peace is something that we can all make and is what we all need’ – a reminder that we all have a part to play in a peaceful future.

The logistics for a fireworks night held on school grounds are such that a lesser team, faced with so many hurdles, and health and safety requirements may have simply placed it in the ‘too hard basket’ long ago. Over the years, our own determined organising committee has conquered the paper work to ensure that both people and property are safely protected. Planning began at the start of March and the team of Parents and Friends has been totally focused on ensuring that that a safe and successful fireworks night continues as our school's signature event.

Well done! It was fantastic!

Our sincere thanks to the Fireworks Organising Team, parents and staff for their immense effort in bringing this to fruition, and all those who helped in the clean-up afterwards!


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