International Win for College Storyteller

June 24, 2013 at 2:10 PM

Our own Year 12 College student Hamish Clark has won second place by beating a flood of worldwide story entries in the Sony Young Movellist International Competition.

The competition in June is run by, a sharing community site for anyone regardless of age and experience, to write, publish and read original stories and provide feedback.

The requirements for entry were to write a full novel, with a minimum length of 40,000 words, so over the course of February to March, Hamish wrote an incredible 44,000 words - which is 75 pages long!

His award winning novel is incredibly impressive, and shows real focus and dedication. The book is set around a family of three, Jack and his two sons Peter and Oliver, who have just lost their mother. Jack tries to hold his family together while Peter struggles to find self-worth in a troubled adolescence, and Oliver dreams of space and his mother. The novel mainly concerns itself with the characters finding peace with their loss and a place in a world with the bereavement they have suffered. 

Judges of the competition were British young adult author Malorie Blackman OBE, and Random House Publishing. Along with his success; Hamish is set to receive signed copies of the entire collection of Malorie Blackman's books for teenagers.

Hamish’s entry is published online, have a look at the website:

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