Junior Boys Enjoy a Cultural Celebration

August 27, 2015 at 2:17 PM

Kia ora, Bonjour, Salut, Namaste, Ciao, Kon-nichiwa, Ni Hao, Hola, Sawubona, G’day!

As part of Year 3’s learning inquiry into how ‘people use special events & festivals to celebrate their beliefs’ the boys enjoyed a day of ‘Cultural Celebration’ today.

There was much excitement early in the morning as the boys arrived at school dressed to represent their chosen country. There was all manner of dress from countries as varied as India, England, Kenya, Canada, Italy, Japan and Thailand – as well as those from closer to home – with Kiwis and Australians represented. Much to the boys delight, the teachers also dressed for the occasion with Mrs Sprosen representing India and Mrs O'Connor representing Japan.

We acknowledged that New Zealand is made up of people representing many different cultures and own school is no different. This inquiry gave our boys great insight into the day to day lives and special celebrations of the many different cultures that make up the families from our school. We felt it was important for the boys to share information about their own background, to learn about others and to celebrate the diversity of New Zealand.

Excitement, nerves and anticipation grew as boys prepared to take to the stage in JC Chalmers Hall. Peers, parents and special guests were invited to watch the boys showcase their inquiry on a chosen country. Our visitors were kept well entertained as they were greeted in a multitude of languages, were entertained with musical interludes and heard many interesting facts that the boys had learned in preparing their presentations.   

A shared lunch followed the show where all boys got to experience a taste of food from a different culture. Boys were risk takers and tried lots of different foods including Western Kenya Cabbage and Egg Ugali, however, the favourites had to be Italy with Pizza, Pasta and Gelato!

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