Kick With Both Feet!

May 27, 2016 at 3:34 PM

The Middle and Senior School boys welcomed special guest, Ben Sigmund, today. A retired footballer who played for the Wellington Phoenix in the A-League for eight seasons, Ben also represented New Zealand 31 times at senior level and was in the All Whites squad for the famed 2010 Football World Cup in South Africa.

Whilst Ben has a natural affinity for the game, through him the boys discovered that in life, sometimes talent is not enough.

Like many of the boys listening, Ben started playing football at an early age and progressed through the ranks of representative play until he was selected for the NZ U17 World Cup. Although the chance of a sporting career beckoned, he had a brief phase when he turned his back on football; it was then he realised that if he was to be truly successful, he needed to be ‘Fully Committed’ which was going to require a change in attitude and behaviour, with a need to develop resilience. With this new mind set he came to realise that he was not only a better footballer, but also a better person.

Our boys were given a chance to ask questions which came thick and fast but in answer to questions about the best skills to develop, Ben encouraged the boys to learn to use both feet!

Boys from Year 6 then had the opportunity to take to the field with Ben to test their skills against a professional!

Our thanks to Ben for taking the time from his book launch tour to visit the Boys’ School.

Fully Committed

Ben has recently released his biography, ‘Fully Committed’ which chronicles his playing career and philosophies of personal development. $1 of every sale will go towards the Neo-Natal Trust in recognition of their support when Ben’s son was born prematurely. 

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