Morning Tea is Served!

May 07, 2019 at 4:30 PM

‘The quickest way for a mother to get her children’s attention is to sit down and look comfortable.’

In his address to our mothers, Principal, Mr Peter Cassie set the room laughing as he flashed up statement after statement that most mothers can relate to!

‘If I ever go missing, please follow my kids, they can find me no matter where I try to hide!’ 

Whenever the Boys’ School needs assistance to put on an event, take a trip or simply needs an extra pair of hands to lighten the load, it is inevitable that our mothers are the first port of call with a request for help. The Mothers’ Morning Tea has become the one occasion where they can step back and let others do the work. It is a chance for our mothers to sit down, get comfortable for an hour or so, and not be disturbed by the demands of parenthood; an occasion where they can go ‘missing’ and be assured of not being ‘found,’ while they have a chance for a cup of tea, something good to eat and some grown up company! 

The hall had been transformed the day before with crisp table linen and row upon row of fine china. With an early start, a group of willing dads, organised into action by fellow father, Mr Jimmy McLeod, lent helping hands to get scones jammed up and the cake stands loaded with morning tea fare ready for our guests! 

But first, our mothers took the opportunity to visit their son’s classrooms, where activities were set up to share - with much laughter ringing across campus - before they were piped to the hall by Charles Adams. Ran Yuanplayed the piano whilst guests found their seats. With every single seat taken, our guests settled back to enjoy a moving performance of ‘A Million Dreams by the Performers’ Choir.  

More than anyone, Principal, Mr Peter Cassie recognises the value of the contribution by our mothers and so this is the day that he and his team of Year 8 helpers put their school work aside, dust off their aprons and get down to the serious business of waiting on some very important members of the Boys’ School community! With tea pot in hand, Mr Cassie cheerfully headed around the room, closely followed by Reverend Hardie and Mr Aspinall wielding coffee pots, while the boys with milk jugs followed on behind! 

Guest speaker was parenting coach, Yvonne Godfrey who is well known for her sound advice for managing the teenage years. She has a passion to strengthen family life – to see families ‘thrive not just survive.’ One of Yvonne’s leading aspirations is for parents to create a strong ‘family brand’ that sets values for parents and their children to live by. She said that in today’s busy world, many parents are making life more chaotic than necessary. Parents need to focus less on enforcing rules and more on developing their children’s independence to prepare them for life. Yvonne was funny, engaging and gave much cause to stop and think. We’ve all heard of ‘helicopter parents’ but she adds ‘concierge parents’ to the list of parent traps! 

With his apron back on the peg, the final word was given to Mr Cassie. Speaking to the mothers he said, ‘I congratulate you all on the fine job you are doing – it is clearly evidenced by what we see in your sons at school.’ 

We offer our sincere thanks to parent, Mrs Philly Hiddleston for organising this morning’s event and to her team of fellow helpers for all their work to ensure the morning ran smoothly with plenty to eat and drink. Donations this year will be made to Victim Support - Christchurch Relief Fund and Womens' Refuge.

Our grateful thanks to the following sponsors: The Gift Loft (Quesnel Family), Sabato and Hedgerow, Remuera for their spot prizes.


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