A Night in Las Vegas!

May 23, 2016 at 2:57 PM

Pretty in Pink, She’s all That, Never Been Kissed, 10 Things I Hate About You, Mean Girls – the plethora of popular films about proms confirms that going to the Ball is the quintessential teenage experience. Likewise, the theme for this year’s event has also inspired many big screen creations, including Ocean’s Eleven, Casino, Get Him to the Greek. That’s right, the Sky City venue was transformed into ‘A Night in Las Vegas!’ Equipped with their ticket resembling a playing card, more than 850 of our Year 12 and 13 students and guests entered the stunning setting dressed to the nines, ready for one of the most memorable nights of their young lives. The Vegas ‘strip’ was seamlessly recreated, with the bright lights of the lavish casinos and neon signs of the grandiose hotels transporting the guests the 10,000km to the world famous resort city.

Year after year, the Student Council responsible for organising this event down to the finest detail challenge themselves to ensure that the stakes are raised from previous years. This year’s organisers left no stone unturned and implemented some innovations never seen before at the Ball. How could ‘A night in Las Vegas’ not have some casino tables?! Using token chips, teachers and students were able to choose red or black in roulette, go ‘all in’ at poker or aim for 21 in blackjack at five tables throughout the night. As always though, the real action was on the dance floor. As well as a DJ keeping the music flowing, for the first time a College rock band was invited to perform in true Vegas show style!

A sit-down meal was dispensed with last year and was a popular choice, so once again it was canapés and light snacks to keep energy levels up for more dancing. In between, the guests flocked to the photo booths and official photographers with four different backdrops to ensure this night of nights is captured for posterity.

In addition to being an evening of ‘double or nothing’ fun, the Ball is also a traditional rite of passage in which the young men and women exemplify elegance, sophistication and maturity. The etiquette on display, in their interactions with their peers and teachers, proved that these students are rapidly growing into confident, responsible and polite citizens.

King and Queen of the Ball: Chester Thompson & Alice Boyles

Prince and Princess of the Ball: Nick Mitchell & Isabella Denholm

Cutest Couple: Freddie Turner & Imogen De Freyne

Best Dressed Girl: Elizabeth Whyte

Best Dressed Boy: Nick Allen

Best Dressed Female Teacher: Mrs Suzanne Winthrop

Best Dressed Male Teacher: Mr Paul Venter

An unforgettable night such as this would not have been possible without the tireless input of Mrs Lucinda Williams and the Student Council. We thank them for the huge amount of work they put in to plan and execute a wonderful evening.

Student Council: Katy Fowler, Ruby Houghton, Liv Martens, Joseph Field, Brooke Moody, Sarah Weston, Sheridan Bennett, Sophie Mannington

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