Park Safely Outside Schools

March 04, 2013 at 2:52 PM

Before and after school is a busy time for everyone. Parking rules help protect our children and keep them safe. Drivers who park illegally put our students at risk. 

This term parking officers will be on patrol outside the Girls' School to issue tickets to those who are illegally parked.

Fines for illegal parking include:

  • Parked on the footpath or grass verge/ berm = $40
  • Parked across or within 1m of a vehicle entrance = $40
  • Parked within 6m either side of an unmarked bus stop = $40
  • Parked within a marked bus stop = $60
  • Parked within 0.5m of a fire hydrant with no one in the car legally capable of moving it = $60
  • Parked within a designated bus lane, transit or cycle lane = $60
  • Parked on a clearway = $60
  • Double parked = $60
  • Inconsiderate parking to other road users, including pedestrians = $60
  • Parked on or within 6m of an intersection = $60
  • Parked on a pedestrian crossing = $60
  • Parked on a broken yellow line = $60

These parking offences are detailed in the New Zealand Road Code.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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