Poet Amanda Eason Visits the College

September 03, 2013 at 3:45 PM

Kiwi poet and creative writer Amanda Eason visited the College one day this week to share her passion for language in a series of creative writing workshops.

The author has recently returned to New Zealand from the United Kingdom where she has worked for the past 25 years publishing her own work and teaching poetry to primary school students.

During the workshops, Mrs Eason used her own experience to teach the students the art of creative and poetic writing and worked with them on their own prose.

The poem ‘If I had Wings…’ by Pie Corbett gave the students an opening line for their own imaginations to come to life and had some fantastic results.

She believes that creative writing teaches students to develop their voice on the page, something which is essential.

Students were encouraged to read their poems aloud so to also develop the confidence for public speaking – something she says many people struggle with.

Her mantra is that you need to hear the voice in your head and write it as you would say it.

In conjunction with her visit, the library is running a poetry competition which Amanda will judge. The top ten authors selected will be invited for a private creative writing poetry session on the 18th of September.

‘If I had Wings …” by Pie Corbett

If I had wings I would touch the fingertips of clouds and glide on the wind’s breath.
If I had wings I would taste a chunk of the sun as hot as peppered curry.
If I had wings I would listen to the clouds of sheep bleat that graze on the blue.
If I had wings I would breathe deep and sniff the scent of raindrops.
If I had wings I would gaze at the people who cling to the earth.
If I had wings I would dream of swimming the deserts and walking the seas.

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