Putting Theory into Practice!

June 27, 2018 at 10:22 AM

Our Year 10 Enterprise Studies students put their business learning into practice this week, when small groups of students came together in Elliot Hall to present their goods and services to fellow Middle School students.

A Commerce Department initiative, the students formed their own small businesses, culminating in a chance to sell their wares and show a profit. Working in teams, ideas were worked through, costs estimated, goods purchased and then marketing started in earnest to ensure the goods would sell well on Market Day.

In the past, each class has run their own market but this year, to create the sense of fierce competition in a real business environment, all 218 students came together at once to form 43 groups and for a limited amount of time, the pressure to sell was on!

Presumably their market research uncovered that their Middle School ‘clients’ enjoy all things sweet – as sugar featured predominantly in the goods on offer!

As in previous years, Market Day included a service aspect, with 30% of all profit raised to be donated to a charity that the students will vote on.

This is a very practical experience and one that students thoroughly enjoy while learning the key aspects of business management, marketing and accounting skills. They also learn that this is not enough to make a sale. Not only do they need a saleable product but also the people skills to sell it!

Year 10 Enterprise leads onto NCEA Level 1 Business where students do a similar product-based activity for one of the 6 credit internals, including the development of a business plan and reflection activity.  After NCEA Level 1, Business at the College is offered at NCEA Level 2 or IB Business Management.


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