Rocky Shore Field Trip

March 30, 2017 at 11:11 AM

With thanks to Head of Biology, Mr Bernard Potter

Where the scenic volcanic cone of North Head and the beautiful blue water for the Hauraki Gulf meet, lies an area of intense biological activity. This thin strip between the high tide and the low tide, supports a marine ecosystem that experiences extreme conditions, fierce competition and gruesome forms of predation. 

There is no better way to truly understand how life behaves than to make first hand observations of animals and plants in their natural environment. To this end, 180 students used their recently acquired scientific skills, knowledge and collaborative ability to investigate the biology of this marine ecosystem. This fulfilled the needs of both the NCEA and IB Biology programmes. 

Field excursions are invaluable in learning about our natural treasures such as the Hauraki Gulf. We have a responsibility to better understand the biological systems around us, so that they might be best preserved for those that come after us.

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