Students Strive for Excellence and Serve Others!

June 27, 2019 at 10:55 AM

In keeping with the Saint Kentigern Mission Statement, ‘ provide education which inspires students to strive for excellence in all areas of life for the glory of God and the service of others', our girls are encouraged to give their personal time to those who are less fortunate.

Each year, students from the Girls’ School, Boys’ School and Senior College spend their July or October holidays in villages and schools in both Fiji and Vanuatu. Fundraising events and projects take place in the first two terms of school to help raise money for the supplies needed on the trips. In the past, students have helped build new playgrounds, freshened up facilities and supplied stationery and sports equipment.

This term, despite not being old enough to attend the service trips, Year 6 students, Poppy Heazlewood and Daliah Shin joined forces and helped to raise funds by making and selling scrunchies - a fabric covered elastic hair tie for medium to long hair.

Made from recycled Saint Kentigern Girls’ School shirts, the girls came up with the idea after watching the scrunchie trend grow. The uniform shop donated 10 shirts which Poppy and Daliah cut up and sewed around the hair ties. Poppy and Daliah made more than 30 scrunchies in their first batch and sold them for five dollars each. Within the first two days, they sold out and got straight into making their second batch! Well done girls!

Service at Saint Kentigern Girls’ School
Students at the Girls’ School are encouraged to be involved in global projects as well as projects within their community. However, service at the Girls’ School is not always about the ‘big issues’; it can be acts of kindness, consideration and compassion in the classroom, in the playground, on the sports field, or at home. It is these little acts of service, encouraged at an early age, that build a foundation for moral reasoning later in life, and allows the students to discover ‘their best selves’ and develop lifelong habits.

By the time the students reach Year 7 and 8, they are working towards their Saint Kentigern Service Awards which comprises three levels: bronze, silver and gold. Each girl who undertakes the Service Award is responsible for recording her progress in a service portfolio, which she maintains under the guidance of the Chaplain. 

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