Trees for Survival Planting Day

August 13, 2018 at 9:56 AM

The importance of Environmental Science was evident in the recent Trees for Survival Planting Day. As part of the Boys’ School Service programme, Senior School Science Monitors have raised native plants supplied by the Auckland Regional Council from seedlings through to the stage where they are large and robust enough to be used in the revegetation of rural farmland.

Work began on potting and caring for these plants early in Term 1, a measure of success being that approximately 950 plants comprising of Manuka, Karamu, Cabbage Trees and Harakeke were planted by 27 Year 7 and 8 students on the day.

The planting site in Clevedon was subject to flooding in 2017 that destroyed fences and swept away the existing vegetation. The planting day’s aim was to regenerate the native bush around the previously flooded area, providing a habitat for animals and helping to prevent further soil erosion.

Students joined with parents, teaching staff, members of Parnell Rotary club, and a Trees for Survival field officer to complete the task in beautiful weather conditions.

We would like to thank Sally Clegg, Sue Crawshay and Lynda Wyllie from Trees for Survival, Helen Loveday and David Jones from Parnell Rotary, Jane and Darien Warburton, and all of our energetic parent helpers.

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