Welcome Fellow Prefect Teams!

March 15, 2016 at 2:43 PM

Today, the Boys’ School prefects welcomed their fellow leadership teams and senior staff from the College and Girls’ School to a shared lunch held in JC Chalmers Hall on the Boys’ School campus. Despite the wide age gap between the students, it only took a few moments before they were all chatting like old friends!

Principal, Mr Peter Cassie warmly welcomed the guests and congratulated them on having being chosen for their roles. He said the shared lunch provided a fantastic opportunity for connection and synergy between the campuses, and gave the boys and girls from the Schools a chance to quiz the older students about College. He encouraged them to think about the part they play within their schools and to continue to develop their leadership skills throughout life.

Boys’ School Chapel Prefect, James Christie said grace before the students tucked into a hearty  lunch at tables that had been themed in House colours right down to coloured plates, mugs and napkins. This was followed by a general knowledge quiz led by Boys’ School Deputy Head Boy, Jack Sandelin. No matter which Saint Kentigern campus a student hails from, there will always be friendly rivalry when Cargill, Chalmers, Hamilton and Wishart are pitted against one another! Questions were designed to encourage engagement and there was plenty of lively banter from the tables as the Houses vied for precious points! And the winner? On this occasion it was Wishart!

College Head Boy, Ed Barry and Girls’ School Deputy Head Prefect, Nieve Campbell both thanked the School for the invitation. Ed said how important it was for each school to understand their part within the Saint Kentigern family, and how the culture and values transition seamlessly from the Schools to College.

Boys’ School Head Boy, Isaac Mellis-Glynn thanked all for coming before the students were taken on a tour of the campus – a first for most of the visitors. It’s hard not to be impressed with the beautiful setting!



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