Where Am I From?

May 26, 2014 at 3:40 PM

Our children and staff at Preschool represent 25 nationalities! The cultural mix is a  strength of our programme and our children thrive on the friendships they build. Our recent ‘Centre of Interest’ on ‘Where Am I From’ saw a world map displayed with each child’s photo represented under the countries both their parents and they were born in. Flags of each country and artwork of traditional costumes drawn by the children completed the wall.

The children love to look at the map and their photos.  After researching on the internet with the children about each country the children have come from, they have learnt so much about other cultures. This is a positive learning experience that is ongoing as new children join our Preschool.

Belonging:Children gain an understanding and appreciation of themselves in their family and community.  They are affirmed as individuals and know that their families and cultures have a place and are respected.

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