Year 4 Camp Legends

April 01, 2019 at 5:05 PM

With thanks to Mr Chris Hansen 

A hush fell over the dining hall as the Year 4 boys hung on every word that Mrs Foster said. The question in their minds… ‘Will it be me? Will I be selected to be one of today’s ‘Camp Legends.’ At the end of each day, five boys who had shown enthusiasm, courage and initiative were named as ‘Legends’ and were entitled to special privileges for the next 24 hours! 

The Year 4 boys set out for their camp at the Peter Snell Youth Village on the Whangaporoa Peninsula for a four-day camp, for many of them this was their first camping experience. After setting up their cabins, the boys were transported to Shakespeare Point for lunch and took a first taste of a tramp over the hills to an observation platform. 

Back at camp, the boys got underway with the first of ten exciting activities that would keep them fully occupied and challenged for the rest of camp. These included learning to use an air rifle and bows safely, sliding down a huge water slide, hunting targets in the bush with paintball slingshots and building bivoacs in the wild. In addition, the boys returned to Shakespeare Point for a swim and to participate in a variety of bush activities that taught them about Maori culture and how to use the natural environment to create ropes, darts and instruments. 

It was with heavy hearts that the boys cleaned up the camp site and boarded the bus to return to school at the end of the week. Thanks to the organisation of the staff and the support of all the parent helpers, this was an outstanding experience for the boys; one that they should remember as challenging but heaps of fun. There is little doubt that this camp has set them up brilliantly for the greater challenges in the camping years ahead. 

What did our Year 4 boys think? 

‘Turns out I got the ultimate ‘camp legend’ for pushing myself out of my comfort zone.  I was nervous about not being at home, but I realised I can do anything I put my mind to it and I loved camp’ 

‘I felt proud of myself that I showed determination and I did it!’ 

‘I was nervous and my heart was pounding but I was also ecstatic!‘ 

‘I got the ‘camp legend’ for including others, being helpful and showing the School Values.’ 

‘I LOVED camp and can’t wait to go on Year 5 camp next year!’


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